Event: discover the wines of Japan

by Dan Izzard

08 February 2019

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Head to Riverstation on Wednesday 20 February to discover the best of Japanese wine

We’ve long been fascinated with Japanese culture and food. But what about the wine? We don’t hear much about that?

There’s a good reason it turns out. Until recent years, Japanese wine has barely been exported. That was because, until recently, much of wine made in Japan was of basic quality and manufactured using imported concentrates from other countries. Not ideal.

From the early 2000’s however, new regulations have seen a boom in the creation of boutique wineries, with a ruling that only Japanese grapes could be used Japanese wine, which seems more like it. Since that ruling, Japan has enjoyed the establishment of a vibrant wine industry, and this event is your chance to taste the quality, diverse, and exciting wines that have made the wine world sit-up and take notice of the new wines being exported from Japan, often for the first time.

How about a tasting event then?

You're in luck! On Wednesday 20 February, Riverstation in Bristol will be hosting a public tasting event with Master of Wine Sarah Abbott where you’ll have a chance to try over 30 different wines from Japan. The range of wines on offer will showcase some amazing grape varieties and regions, with delicate whites from indigenous Koshu, sparkling varieties and the more unusual skin-contact wines (made with the skin of the grape).

Leading you through the range of both red and white wines will be certified Master of Wine Sarah Abbott, who will also be leading mini-masterclasses on the night. 

“Our love affair with Japan and its food and drink culture is booming," says Sarah, "with traditional and fusion cuisine fuelling an ever-increasing interest with all things Japanese, and now its time to discover the country's wines.”

Tickets for the evening (6pm - 8pm) are just £15 and can be purchased here.

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