East Bristol Bakery begins new chapter

by Jess Carter

17 April 2019

The team behind an indie food shop are now at the helm of the award-winning bakery – and have big plans...

East Bristol Bakery has kicked off an exciting new chapter, having been taken over by the owner of Brockley Stores, Rob Hagen.

Brockley Stores is a Crumbs Award-winning indie grocery shop just south of Bristol with a solid focus on locality and ethics. Among its shelves are locally grown fruit and veg, drinks and store cupboard staples from small, neighbouring producers, and delicious ready-to-eat food cooked and baked onsite by the team.

Rob has been at the helm of the store for three years now, and embarked on this new career with the intention of raising the bar when it comes to food retail. 

“Bristol is an amazing city with a vibrant food scene, but there is still so much more opportunity to do more in the retail world," he says. "Foodies are crying out for places that they can trust to buy high-quality, amazing food. The supermarkets have become boring; a race to the bottom in terms of price and quality at the expense of doing the right thing."

By taking over the award-winning Easton bakery, Rob and his team hope to continue and expand upon their work within Bristol. 

"The purchase of East Bristol Bakery brings us into the city for the first time and presents a number of exciting opportunities. Firstly the wholesale of great bread, cakes, local fruit and veg into the best of Bristol’s restaurants and coffee shops. Secondly, to grow our retail offer in Easton, developing and expanding what we sell and providing more of an eat-out experience."

We'll sure be keeping a close eye on this local bakery in the coming months...