Jess’ guide to acing your #CrumbsAwards entry

by Dan Izzard

09 July 2018

Entries close on 20 July so get your skates on!

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We’re laying our cards on the table here: we want to find the most exciting, ethical, talented, dedicated and game-changing people and businesses in the local food world. We’re looking for high-quality produce, innovation, influence, community involvement, support of the local industry, good treatment of colleagues and staff, and all round sportsmanship. And we know this applies to countless food businesses across the Bath and Bristol area.

This means that competition is going to be fierce – but fret not, we promise it will be fair. These awards can be won by any person or business. If you’re in the area (Bath or Bristol) and have had a strong performance in one of our categories, then you can win. Simple. Everyone has a fair chance – and yes, that does mean sponsors too, they’ll be treated exactly the same as any other entrant.

Our independent judges are all well-respected figures in the food world. They will use your nomination as their primary material (so don’t rush it, be sure to tailor your answers properly to you, and include all relevant information – don’t rely on any previous knowledge they might have of you). However, they’ll need to sample your food/drink/cooking where appropriate, so shortlisted producers may be asked to send in samples, and restaurants to supply a meal for a visiting judge.

Also, remember: our judges are human. Try to create some empathy with them – emotion is fine. If it really would mean the world to you to win this award – steady! – then say so. They want to see your passion for what you do.

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