Bristol restaurant launches vegan doner kebab

by Dan Izzard

05 July 2018

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Sometimes it’s just got to be a kebab!

A vegan doner kebab has just hit the menu at Koocha and is taking #CleanEating to new levels. How does that work then? Well, the meat substitute is made from a seitan – a convincing looking wheat gluten – and is served in a pitta packed with salad and doused in fresh tzatziki, or chilli sauce if you like it spicy (which we very much do).

Choosing to be a vegetarian from a young age, owner Noda watched her family tuck into their traditional meat based kebabs while craving an alternative she could enjoy.

“It was me growing up wanting a great kebab and not being able to eat one! It really frustrated me as I love all the flavours, but just couldn't find a tasty meat-free alternative. So when Koocha opened I found a chef that could make me a delicious vegan one and that was that!”

Koocha is oh so much more than just vegan kebabs, though. Its range of plant-based dishes are gaining legions of fans (yes, even meat eaters) for their vibrancy tastes and colours. The Persian-inspired menu is comprised of a range of mezze dishes at £3.50 each or four for £12. You can fill up on freshly made hummus, deep-fried rice balls packed with Persian spices, spiced cauliflower, flavourful salads and loads of other authentic Persian dishes with a modern twist.

It’s a menu purposefully built for sharing Noda tells us, inspired by her own family experiences eating off a traditional Persian sharing mat in a shared feast called a sofreh.

“I've always struggled with having just one dish for a meal, to me it's just really boring. We used to have about 50 dishes all set out in front of you on a mat called a sofreh, and you just got your plate and just kept eating. That's such a nice way to eat with your friends.”

Koocha sits on the corner of Zetland Road and replaces Number 10, the restaurant that previously stood here. That business was actually owned by Noda’s father, and when he called time on the business, it was time for Noda to step in and realise her dream to bring a modern twist to Persian cuisine, a much needed “update” as she calls it.

“Unlike Mexican food or Indian food, Persian is a cuisine that’s not that well known; I don’t think the younger generation could really tell you what Persian food is. I really wanted to bring it up to date and add the whole vegan concept to create something unique.”

To keep up to date with all the new menu items, follow @koochamezzebar on Instagram.

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