Brewers come together to make ultimate Bristol brew

by Dan Izzard

09 April 2019

It takes brew to mango...

To celebrate its fourth year, Bristol Craft Beer Festival rounded up some of Bristol’s best beer producers for a day of collaborative brewing down at Left Handed Giant in St Phillips.

Good Chemistry, New Bristol Brewery and Wiper and True were all involved in creating the official festival beer: a tropical sour IPA full of alphonso mango, passionfruit, and gooseberry. (Well, it was never going to be a straight-up pale ale with this lot, was it?)

When it came to naming the creation, suggestions from the brewers were whittled down to two front runners. Alphonso the Passionate Man-Goose was the winner in the end, with Ship Shape and Bristol Passion hot on its heels in second place.

The beer will launch at Redland’s Two Belly on 2 May and will also be available in bars across Bristol (including Small Bar on King Street) and at the festival itself.

Here’s Greg Wells, co-founder of Bristol Craft Beer Festival, to explain more about the idea behind the collaboration, and Good Chemistry Brewing’s Kelly Sidgwick with the process needed for this ambitious brew.