The Wild Beer Christmas tree swap-off

by Dan Izzard

10 January 2019

Come pine with me

Rooting around for the best way to get rid of your sad looking Christmas tree? You’re in luck. Wild Beer is offering a free can of beer for each tree dropped off at their brewery in Westcombe.

Have you twigged what it’s for yet?

Wild Beer is no stranger to brewing with pine and spruce, previously releasing a Rooting Around series of beers. It’s not as strange an idea as it seems; beer has been made with pine needles or spruce tips as far back as the 17th century, originally as a cure for scurvy.

The team at Wild Beer will be tweaking the recipe for their existing Bibble to make the most of the pine needle and spruce flavour, which is said to provide similar characteristics of some hop varieties. They'll need 100 kilograms of needles for the brew, and are planning to serve the final creation in the brewery's Bristol and Cheltenham bars.

The name of the beer is yet to be decided, and ideas can be submitted via the Wild Beer Facebook page. Go on, have a bash – there's a chance to win a unique beer brewing and blending experience for two.

You can drop your tree off on Saturday 12 January between 10.30am and 12.30pm.