Flour and Ash pledge support for local charity

by Aemilia Smith

09 July 2018

The family-friendly restaurant plans to give back to local charity Baby Bank Network

Flour and Ash located on Cheltenham Road in Bristol, known for their incredible award-winning pizza's, are adding a voluntary contribution to each bill in support of local disadvantaged Bristol families through the charity Baby Bank Network

The Baby Bank Network is a children's charity entirely run by volunteers, that aims to aid disadvantaged families with essential baby items. Baby Bank's co-founder Eva Fernandes mentions, "Bristol is a wealthy city but the disparity in some areas is huge, with 1 in 4 children living in poverty. With more and more cuts to welfare and children's services Baby Bank has seen the demand increase year on year." 

Owner of Flour and Ash Steve Gale commented, "I came across Baby Bank Network through a family friend and was really impressed with the work they do to support local families. They essentially distribute pre-loved baby kit to disadvantaged families with babies across the city. We hope you'll join us in supporting this amazing cause!" 

For more information about the Baby Bank Network click here.