6 Steps to a superb steak

by Crumbs Magazine

02 January 2019

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There’s nothing quite like a great steak, and it all starts with a great quality steak. We've teamed up with Red Ruby Devon to bring you six steps that will help you get the most out of your steak.

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Step 1: Hunt down the best quality 

Look for naturally reared beef, from cattle who have spent their lives grazing at pasture. These cattle grow slowly at a natural pace feeding on grass rather than grain which really impacts the flavour of the meat. 

Step 2: Choose your cut

You should look at adapt your cooking strategy depending on the cut. The fat around a sirloin steak (like the one we’ve used here) helps to add flavour while the steak is cooking and also keeps the meat moist. The marbling, or intra-muscular fat within the meat will also melt, creating a great texture. In contrast, fillet steak doesn’t have the same amount of marbling and suits being served medium rare to make the most of a prime cut. 

Step 3: Season

Salt can help to bolster the natural flavours of a steak. It can be added moments before cooking or even days in advance, a process that will help tenderise the meat. Salting for one to three days will start to brine the steak, a process where the added salt will draw moisture out of the meat leaving a liquid layer on the surface that the salt will then dissolve back in to. The salinated liquid then permeates the meat over time and helps denature proteins and tenderise the meat further. 

Step 4: Use a high heat

Use very high heat when cooking your steak. Heat will render as much of the fat as possible and create a golden crispy layer on the outside of the cut to help retain moisture. 

Step 5: Test

The 'prod' test is one of the best ways to check how cooked your steak is. The soft centre will slowly firm up as cooked, limp means that you'll have a rare centre, while a firm centre will be cooked well-done, so watch you don't overdo it! This trick gets easier with practice as you cook more see the results.  

Step 6: Rest

Have a breather! Not you, the steak. Intense heat causes muscle tissue to tense and contract, making the meat seem tougher. Resting allows the muscle fibres to relax so the steak becomes tender for serving. Resting on a trivet will ensure the underside stays crisp and allows the juices to drain. 


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