6 fantastic dishes worth booking a holiday for

by Dan Izzard

10 January 2018

Grab your passport, things are about to get tasty...

6. Porto, Portugal

Porto isn’t just about Port (although that's a great excuse to visit). This historic city also offers mouth-watering seafood, a popular, ‘bacalhau com natas’ (codfish with cream – pictured below) as well as yummy pastries, and for all the kale lovers out there, caldo verde (kale soup).

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5. Bologna, Italy

Considered the culinary pinnacle of the country, Bologna is aptly nicknamed ‘Las Grassa’ – ‘The Fat One’ for its carby food specialties. It’s the birthplace of many famous foods including Bolognese sauce, Baloney sausage, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese.

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4. Madrid, Spain

Definitely a city for indulging in comfort food, with classic tapas dishes we all know and love such as patatas bravas with a spicy brava sauce, and many tasty variables of tortilla de patata (Spanish omelette) across the capital. For a snack on the go while sightseeing though, it has to be bocadillo de calamares, the fried squid sandwich.

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3. Lille, France

Located in the north of France, Lille is perfect for food junkies. Not only is it a stop on the Eurostar, you can also hop over to Belgium for your next food (beer) adventure. One for the seafood lovers, The Huitriere has been serving oyster and other fishy dishes for over 100 years and was one of the first Michelin-starred restaurants in Lille. The star of the show though has to be le Welsh (or sometimes le Welch), popular in Northern France, a mixture of beer and cheese poured over bread, topped with ham and baked. (Yeah, basically Welsh rarebit.)

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2. Bruges, Belgium

We all know chocolate, waffles and beer are a staple in Belgium, but the healthy eaters amongst us will certainly enjoy Bruges' locally sourced veg and seafood. Plus you can indulge if the temptation is too much; well, you are on holiday! A classic Flemish dish is carbonades flamandes, a beer and beef stew served with chips in true Belgian style.

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1. Berlin, Germany

Not only is it rich with history, Berlin is also rich with flavor. Home to many infamous dishes such as currywurst (a concoction of ketchup, Worcester sauce and curry powder), eisbein (pork knuckle), and of course, schnitzel. Grab your passport and don’t forget to tag your pics with #CrumbsAway so we can see where you’ve been!

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