This Eden Project inspired cocktail is the most elaborate we've ever seen

by Dan Izzard

04 December 2017

British eccentricity is alive and well at HMSS.

Forget 'shaken, not stirred' 007, we'll take a melted pistachio ice-cream cocktail in a partially crushed beer can!

Those crazy cats at HMSS have done it again. You never know what’s going to happen when you open the unassuming door just around the corner from Clifton Train station in Bristol. Firstly, you’ll find yourself stepping out the other side of a red phone box into this unashamedly mad-hat operation.

Known for some of the most elaborate cocktails in the city, HMSS have done away with a conventional cocktail list in favour of a vintage travel guide beautifully printed in passport size. Each location in the guide has its own cocktail representing the wonders of Great Britain. They’re so good, you’ll want to take one as a souvenir.

Along the journey – beautifully illustrated and with tongue in cheek descriptions – there are stops off at the White Cliffs of Dover, Stonehenge, Brighton Beach, Loch Ness and a few other surprises.

Our favourite though, is the homage to the Eden Project in Cornwall, with a literal greenhouse cocktail on offer, named the ‘greenhouse project’ (£9). A glass nested within a greenhouse of its own.

It comprises of 3 parts sugar snap Hendricks, 2 parts British dry white wine, 1 ripe spear asparagus, and 1 dash celery bitters. With a herbaceous taste, it’s not quite anything else you’ve ever drunk.

Other cocktails are similarly as offbeat, consisting intriguing ingredients such as acorn vermouth, laughing gas, and even a chip of prehistoric stone.

Stick on some Elgar and enjoy the best of Britain, no stiff upper lip required.

Other cocktails include:

• Twister (£8.50)

Grey Goose LaPoire, Mozart Strawberry, Kiwi Sherbet, Milk, Whole Egg White

Strawberry Field (£8.50)

2 parts wheatgrass Martini Rubino, 1 part strawberry & blossom honey sherbet, 1 part cucumber and rose extract, Top House ginger ale

Angel of mercy (£8.50)

1 part walnut-Jack Daniels, 1 part coffee-stout reduction, 3 parts sweet vermouth