Veg Out: Raving about radishes

by Crumbs

09 May 2017

"Radishes are top of my list at this time of year."

Blogger, private chef and keen kitchen gardener Kathy Slack of Gluts & Gluttony tells you what to grow and how to cook it. This month, she’s raving about radishes…

I'm quite an impatient gardener. I like crops that just get on with it. Veg that grows quickly and dishes up a reliable, colourful harvest without a fuss. I like a good bang for my buck. That’s why radishes are top of my list at this time of year. They grow incredibly quickly, with little effort, and they are virtually fool proof. Plus, they bring a brash red gaudiness to the veg patch which, secretly, I quite admire.

To grow radishes, simply sow the seeds thinly into a 1cm deep drill and cover. Then wait. Within six weeks, maybe even four, you will have little ruby jewels ready to harvest. Their only stipulation is water, so if the weather is very dry, give them a soak now and then or they will turn woody and send up a flowering stem before the red root has set, rendering them inedible.

The poor radish is often overlooked these days for reasons I cannot fathom. It can be a bit spicy for some people, and home-grown harvests will be far more opinionated than their bland supermarket cousins. Should this punchy flavour not be to your taste, I recommend roasting them. It might seem a bit loopy to roast radishes at first, but it’s pleasingly alliterative quality hints at the delightful taste which results from roasting a radish(!). They become sweet, mellow and an almost irresistible shade of rose pink.

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